ACDA Focus on the Positive

Aug 10, 2020 Category: Remote Learning Success

VET in Schools students

Nationally accredited 22307VIC Certificate III in Acting (Screen)



Focus on the positive.


Year 2 students have been working on the special skills task. Not only did they showcase their chosen skill, but they also demonstrated outstanding skills in acting/presenting to camera, wonderful creativity, strong filming and editing skills and a great depth of understanding of the overall task. 


There is often so much negativity around the impact of Remote Learning on students, but this task really highlighted that there are positives that can come from it too.  


Yes, times are tough, and many students are struggling, but there are also those who are thriving and flourishing and how wonderful this was all done during Remote Learning!


It was so nice to see all the kids in their 'own' environment doing what they love. 


Please do take a look at all the students work.


With regards,



Merilyn Brend Robinson

CEO and Principal Trainer